Binayak Acharya College
Berhampur, Odisha, 760006
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Principal's Message

Working as Assistant Professor of History at Binayak Acharya College.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Binayak Acharya College website. I hope to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both staff and students bring to all that they do here, making Binayak Acharya College such a wonderful place to learn.

Founded in 1978, Bianayk Acharya College is renowned for the outstanding holistic education that we provide. As a College we have a strong focus on student academic progress and achievement and continuation to University is the chosen route for the significant majority.




  • Creating leadership qualities with futuristic vision.
  • Instilling habit of continual learning.
  • Encouraging and supporting creative abilities and research temperament.
  • Inculcating global perspective in attitude.
  • Imparting value based quality education


  • Creating More Employment Opportunities
  • Securing a Higher Income
  • Developing Problem-solving Skills
  • Improving the Economy
  • Providing a Prosperous and Happy Life
  • Creating Modern Society