BAC Scholarship

Post Metric (SE, ST, OBC/SEBC)

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Medha Bruti

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Banishree Scholarship

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Bhirna Bhoi Scholarship

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Rules Regarding Scholarship

  1. No person receiving a Scholarship shall be permitted to hold any other scholarship provided by Govt. wholly or partly, without the special sanction of Director of Higher Education. Such Sanction will be granted only in case of exceptional Merit.
  2. Absence without leave for more then thirty days will lead forfeiture of scholarship.
  3. Scholarship is granted subject to satisfactory conduct and diligent studies and may be withdrawn if academic progress or conduct is not satisfactory.
  4. All scholarship holders are required to open a Savings Bank Account in a Nationalized Bank and produce the passbook at the time of disbursement.
  5. E-Scholarship has been implemented in the pattern of E-Admission with the help of project management Unit. All the application related to E-Scholarship will be received on-line and validated at the college level. Scholarship amount will be remitted to the selected applicants through  on-line bank transfer (RTGS/NEFT). Vide Govt. of Odisha, Department of Higher Education Resolution No. 35906/HE Dt. 15-10-2011

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